Lodar Actuator/Wireless Kit - 4 Function

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Operate your hand lever controls with Lodar's actuator series. An air compressor with at least 110-120 psi is required for proper operation. This Lodar 4 function system features FETS, wide band, standard output, standard transmitter and an integrated actuator system. All actuator kits come with a transmitter, receiver, actuator, elbows, plates, air fittings, and wiring. 

Five year pro-rated warranty.


  • SOFT START - an inline flow control valve, fully adjustable, controls the air supply giving a degree of feel to the system with inching equipment
  • MANUAL OVERRIDE - available at all times. At rest, both pipes to the cylinder are open to the atmosphere allowing free movement of the hydraulic levers
  • INTEGRAL RADIO REMOTE - the whole system can be operated up to 200 feet from the vehicle
  • ACTUATOR ASSEMBLY - three air cylinders with 1.25" bore and 2" stroke. Fitted with Trunnion clevis and two push fit elbows
  • CONTROL BOX - 2 x 3 way air control valves and 1 x flow control valve
  • Suitable for 12/24V Electric & Electro-Hydraulic Systems 
  • Solid State Safety Switch, current limited to 15 amps 
  • Solid State Outputs, current limited to 15 amps 
  • Fully waterproof to IP67 (NEMA 6), with 4 external fitting lugs 
  • PCB fitted to the lid of the Receiver box

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