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Don Glo Towing Equipment began in 1994 by becoming a distributor for Dynamic Wheel Lifts. This was the natural outgrowth of being in the towing and automotive repair business for more than 30+ years. A large fleet of Dynamic Wheel Lifts™ were used and repaired during those years. After 4 years of sales and service as a Dynamic distributor, Don Glo Towing Equipment grew by taking on the Dual-Tech carriers.

We also service other wreckers & rollback bodies like Jerr-Dan , Century, Chevron , Challenger, Holmes, Sneaker, Champion, Eagle , Aatac, Weldbuilt, Vulcan , Recovery Solutions and any other hydraulic system out there. We have also committed to an expanding line of parts and accessories for tow trucks of all manufacturers, as well as continuing to service anything that comes through the door.

At Don Glo Towing Equipment and Service we are proud to offer over 15 models of light and medium-duty wheel-lift systems to the towing and repossessor industry. We also can custom build a Dynamic flatbed / rollback and or tow truck / wrecker for your specific needs. We are the only solution for your recovery needs.

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Chevron T Pin w/Cable
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